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To blog or not to blog...

by Dawn Womack on 04/01/12

I had decided not to continue my blog because I haven't had any feedback on the site, but then I have people who say they were enjoying reading the blog.  I will start again and ask for a "like" or a comment if you're here, just so I know that i'm not talking to myself!!

I have made a decision recently that was a really difficult one to make.  I am leaving my job as a special needs counselor in the school system to pursue my private practice full-time.  I started my private practice in January, 2012, expecting to need to work another year in the school system to build my practice to a place where I could work there full-time.  The response to my new practice has been exciting and positive.  I am getting referrals from every direction and couldn't be happier.  As of March, I have 25 clients and have to make a decision.  I've been working at school from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm, then at my office from 4pm - 8pm, getting home at 9pm.  I can't continue to do both.  I am sad to leave the greatest job I've ever had, but I know that this job helped shape me into who I am.  The kids I've worked with have changed me.  I know that I will take what they've taught me and move into a different chapter in my life.

So, on June 1st, Dawn Lundin Child & Adolescent Counseling will be full-time! I am interested in working with children, adolescents, adults, and families in individual or group settings.  I enjoy working with teenagers and love when I get referrals for them!

So, those are my thoughts to share for today! Leave a comment and let me know what topics you're interested in reading about.  Or just let me know you're here! 



Comments (2)

1. Diane Alise said on 4/1/12 - 05:11PM
Answered prayers indeed, Dawn!! Much love and many blessings as your practice continues to grow because of the person you are, the heart you have for others, using those special gifts God gave you to help those precious ones
2. Annette said on 4/2/12 - 05:51AM
You are on the right path, Dawn. It is like the next step in your growth as a therapist - and person. You offer help to a, for some of us, difficult clientele. You are a blessing to many!

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